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Globe Dragon Technology Ltd. is your dedicated partner in China for all your plastics industry related needs.

Our company offers the following dedicated services:

· Mold making in China

· Plastics industry equipment supply

· Laser technology: mold welding machines, plastics cutting and engraving

· Mold reheat technology – water and steam units

· Scroll air compressors

· Decoration machinery and technology: Silk screen, Tampoprint, heat transfer, IMD

Globe Dragon Technology has been Operating in China since 2004. Built on over 20 years of mutual collaboration with internationally-known global brands such as Philips, Electrolux and Thomson – through our headquarters in Italy, our team possesses vast European design experience, along with unparalleled experience in mold making for the European market.

We are intimately familiar with quality control and product quality procedures, while strictly adhering to European quality standards.

· We specialize in engineering, mold design, mold making and testing

· We pride ourselves on supervision and produce our molds to European and USA standards

· We provide high quality work and on-time delivery, at competitive prices

There are hundreds of mold makers in China, each offering diverse levels of quality. Globe Dragon Technology Ltd. has the experience, knowhow and capability to select the ideal and most suitable provider to execute the molds, under our close control and supervision and to our customers’ complete satisfaction.

We provide our customers with the best possible service to meet and exceed their expectations.

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction!

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